Summer Wrap-Up

This summer I did so many things that I had never done before. I also did a lot of alone time reflecting on my life and what I want out of it. The most fun I ever have in life is exploring new places and learning about new things. I’m still figuring out how I can make this in a career – travel writer? Journalist? World famous rock star? (that last one is obviously a joke)

As I move forward in life (always forward never backward), I want to get closer to that goal of having a lot of freedom, and being able to do new things all the time. I do not know with certainty what my answer is yet, but I can only hope that with hard work and of course luck it will come to me. I’ve been evolving and I like it. There are so many things now I can do that I did not have the courage to do before. I am always growing into myself.

Here are a few things I want to improve on:

-Carry a notebook with me all the time, everywhere. I was in the bar doing shots and so many words came to me that I wanted to write. I didn’t even have a pen. In my head, when the perfect sentence or phrase forms I need to get it out right away, so I need to have my writer’s tools all the time and not just some of the time. I can’t use my phone to record written notes. Although the device has the capability, I won’t be able to get my perfect sentences out unless I am writing them with a pen. I learned to write in the time before cell phones, so my mind and muscles work together when I’m holding a pen but not always when I am tapping a touchscreen.

-Run more. I’ve always found running relaxing and fun but it is difficult for me to get up and do it a lot of the time. Then when I do run, my muscles get sore and I do not want to do it again for a few days. I need to establish a reward system for myself, and construct running into a habitual activity that eventually becomes its own reward. I’ve also noticed a few changes in my body that come with getting older, but which would easily be reversed with running. I live near a park and have a free gym on campus, so there is absolutely no excuse for me not to establish this habit.


Now I’ll talk about some things I did this summer. . .

  • Went camping with a really cool group of people from college. During the night we were attacked by raccoons (a fellow camper had so politely left dog food in his tent). The critters ripped his tent open so we had to cram out whole group into one tent. Of course I didn’t sleep well because I was fearing the raccoon would rip the tent open and come in! There may or may not have been some mind-altering substances involved. But trust me, the raccoons were real and very persistent.
  • Welcomed 3 friend’s wonderful new babies into the world. I have a group of friends I’ve been with since grade school, and three of them had babies this summer. I am definitely not a baby/child type of person, so even holding a baby was a pretty new experience for me. I’m very happy for my friends and wish them best for their new families, though I feel this will be a bit of a turning point in our group. I do not plan to have children of my own and of course families operate a bit differently than single people. I will keep in touch with them of course, and will enjoy seeing what type of people their kids turn out to be. 
  • Got a tattoo. For those of you who follow my Twitter you have seen my tattoo picture. Its a scorpion, right above my left ankle, lateral aspect (the outside) of my leg. I got it on 6th Street in Austin, Texas. Most of my friends already have tattoos, so I am just going to their side of the group. I chose a scorpion because I am a Scorpio but do not like the zodiac symbol for Scorpio. I am not really into astrology seriously, but I do think it says something about me and who I am. My little tat is a cute, fun, tame scorpion.
  • Did a body shot. I love tequila shots but had never done a body shot before. Went into Friends bar on 6th Street in Austin and the bartender offered me one. That’s not something I will do on regular occasion, it is a fairly awkward procedure especially with someone you do not know. 


So that’s the story of my summer, or rather the highlights. Going over everything would take far too long! Since getting back from Texas I’ve been catching up on sleep (another thing I did for the first time was deprive myself of sleep – let me tell you this is not a good idea, I had some trouble functioning and became even more loopy and forgetful than usual.), and getting back on track with my YouTube channels. I would like to use YouTube as more of a creative outlet since it is an easy way to share your ideas with the world, and I love all of the people I’ve gotten to know and who have supported me through my journey. Even if my channel remains small time I will value all of the experiences I have with it. 

Hope all of you had great summers filled with lots of adventure, and are now ready to start a new season & new stage of life!