Let’s Plays for Relaxation

Many of you have told me that you watch my videos while falling asleep, or just to relax at the end of the day or whenever you feel like relaxing. I’m the same way with my LP watching habits – I watch different people’s videos depending if I want something low key or more upbeat and entertaining. I know that I am not the Queen of Comedy and that, while there are funny moments in my videos, they are not going to keep you loling or rofling.

Recently I found out about something called ASMR. You can look this up on Google, Wikipedia, or if you for some reason want to use the Encyclopedia Brittanica your grandfather has in his garage, go ahead. Just make sure that when you pull it out from under the table leg that those priceless teacups don’t fall and break.

If you already know what it is then keep reading.


Only if you already know what it is.


Well,  you can keep reading anyway…but I won’t go into detail about what it is, I’m just gonna talk about it like you’ve looked it up or are familiar. When I first found this through sheer accident by simply spending so much time watching YouTube, I found strange videos where people talked in whispers, and did “role play” situations of going for haircut, manicure, etc. I thought it was super duper strange. They all had ASMR in the title so I looked it up. I thought, “Oh yea, I know what that is. But I don’t think I am a person who can get that true response from a video.” Anyway, being interested in strange things, I kept looking up ASMR videos. I found an extremely wide variety including one where people just made certain sounds (like tapping on an old hardbound book). This sort of thing was very calming for me to listen to, if nothing else.

There are other sorts of things people enjoy watching others do – paint, draw, prepare a meal, show off a collection, or even…play a game! Yes it became clear to me, why people might enjoy watching YouTube and certain videos in particular, like the Let’s Plays or videos in which people simply show how to do something or even just show what sort of things they have, like make up or books collections. Of course there are many reasons people enjoy these types of videos. And not all of the videos are in this calm “ASMR” manner or style, which of course is widely used and is probably not all “true ASMR”.

But for whatever reason you watch a video, it might be nice to have a let’s play video specifically designed to be calm, with quiet voice (not whisper because that is actually difficult to do for extended times and I find it a bit strange to do the whispering. I do not enjoy listening to a whispering voice.), and a casual game. One where the commentary did not necessarily have to be focused solely on the game, making the video something you did not have to watch to enjoy (I will often listen to videos on a phone or tablet at night, to fall asleep and I don’t watch the videos but only listen). But if you wanted to watch, would not be boring to look at either.


I am not sure how popular this series would be, but I aim to try one for a few reasons:

-I am interested in this sort of content, I watch some videos I consider to be in this style even if they are not labeled as “ASMR”. This is a way of giving back to that community.

-I do not always feel like recording a video with my full energy put in, with a fast paced game or a game where I have to pay close attention to my next step. But sometimes I do feel like recording something, just to talk about things that happen during day, thoughts, etc.

Here is an LPer I found who does this sort of content:



I do not know yet when I will upload an experimental slice of my own project of the ASMR style, to see how it is received.



Steam Sale Summer 2013

Well, due to last week’s posts lack of enthusiastic responses (or any responses, for that matter), I am feeling I should keep this blog lighter and possibly more related to gaming. Yea, I hear what you want. I don’t know if I’m gonna give it to you. But I hear it.


OK, here. Some video game talk. Here’s what I’ve gotten so far in the Steam Summer Sale:

Bioshock 1 & 2 – I already had Bioshock Infinite, but I have yet to actually play any of the games in the series. I know I’ll enjoy them, because I’ve seen parts of some LPs of all of them – they are my type of game.

Tomb Raider 2, 3, and Anniversary – this is a purely nostalgia purchase that I regret a bit. I have the newest Tomb Raider game, and am about 25% through and enjoying it. Of course I’ve played the other 3 before, but over the years all of the discs have gotten lost. So I bought them at a decent price, about $10 for all 3. Unfortunately, TR 2 & 3 are sorta unplayable due to the control system – it differs so much from new games. I remember being pro at it when I was 13, but now, my brain and motor functions are confused by not being able to use the mouse to look around, frustrated by trying to platform in this situation. I suppose I have been trained out of the techniques involved in the game (seriously, spacebar is not even the default jump key…)

Today I picked up Dust: An Elysian Tale in the last few hours of its sale price. It’s a fun little side scroller but actually not very interesting. If you really enjoy the side scrolling adventure, this is one I’d recommend over Trine (I just can’t get into those). But in all honesty a game like Torchlight is more fun, has cuter animation, and at this point should be about the same price.


That’s all I’ve gotten, because I still haven’t convinced myself that Skyrim DLC is more important to buy than new work out equipment (my year end goal is to be able to do some chin ups, something I am sure I haven’t accomplished since middle school. I have a doorway pull up bar on the way). I also got an influx of great new games with the graphics card I bought last month (Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite, Crysis 3), so I didn’t need to buy any of the new games.

…and I also got about 5 or 6 of the silly trading card things that look like they might be worth a sum total of $0.75

Wednesday Blog #1

Wow, there are so many things that I could talk about in this first week of weekly “Wednesday Blogs”. I had ideas lined up – should I talk about depression (maybe not “clinical depression”, but general feelings of being down)? Should I talk about the idea of doing weekly blogs and what that entails for my life? With a friend who’s just had a new baby, another friend in Germany who gave birth last month, and a friend about to give birth in September, should I talk about moms and new life? On the other hand, I’ve experienced my share of loss this year. Both of my grandmothers passed away this year, one in January and one just this past week. So I suppose I lost a grandmother this month but gained a “niece” (not a blood related niece but close enough). My grandmothers were both in their 90s – no surprise to see them go, but emotional none the less. I have learned so much from them. 

I don’t think I want to get into detail about any of those things. First of all, they are all fairly personal. I don’t think any of my close friends (well, maybe one or two) read this blog. But most who read it, I have never met. Personal stuff can be embarrassing to share, and also boring to those who are not involved. 

To be honest, I don’t know who reads this blog, anyway. I don’t know a whole lot about my “fans” in general. So that is what this post will be about. If you wish, I’d like if you left a comment with a fact about yourself. As much or as little as you’d want to share. Can be personal or not, I understand, this is the Internet and I don’t think there’s a way to make it private (tho if you want to share annonymous comment go ahead, it makes no difference to me, I’ll know you’re a reader!). By doing this you’ll help me better know who I’m “speaking” to when I make blogs/vlogs/gaming videos. I do know some of you and it’s amazing the sort of connection you can make just through knowing someone online. It’s pretty neat. 


Since I”m doing weekly blog posts now, it’d be pretty cool to know a bit more about what you readers are like, and what you’re interested in! I don’t want this to be a place, like my personal journals, where I just come to rant about what is on my mind! I can write on nearly any topic, so go ahead and choose/suggest my topics for me! If I don’t know anything about it, but am curious, I will research it and report my findings here! OK? 


Cool, ok, go!



Feeling down

Today I’m uploading a channel update to talk about stress, unhappiness, and other things. Yes I have been feeling a bit unhappy lately, and haven’t been recording as much. I have also been busy with classes (which are almost over) and socializing (which helps me not feel so down). In short, uploads might slow down for a few weeks but then hopefully will resume, and in greater numbers. 😉

I also talk about some new equipment I’m planning on buying for my PC. I don’t “need” it, but it will help me Let’s Play with more bang and force. 😛 Yay.

For you hardcore fans of mine, here is the actual stuff I am looking at. I am taking a stab at installing this stuff myself (so if I suddenly can’t game anymore you’ll know why:P)


This is to replace the 350W power supply that was in my ASUS PC when I bought it.




Have to make sure this one will fit – but also wondered about the core clock speed, which is 860MHz on this card. (Effective memory clock is 1200MHz…I don’t actually know the difference?) If anyone would like to let me know the disadvantages to a slower core clock – just not running as smooth? I know an advantage that I would like is a quieter computer.


Alright, so I’d love advice on these items or suggestions of different ones. Thanks!


Let’s Player

Yes, I have finally begun work on my idea to start a let’s playing magazine. This is just a post to let those who read this blog know it’s happening and some of the progress that has been made. I have received a few submissions with the promise of at least 3 more on the way, but have given people a month to get stuff to me in order to get it into the first issue. I won’t really be able to begin work on the mag for real until a few more weeks have gone by and my classes are done for this term.

Right now I have someone designing a set of graphics that I will be able to use for the page layouts. Cover designs I’m still not sure how they will work – on a per issue basis, I imagine, depending on cover story. Anyhow, there is still a lot of work to be done to make it good. But hopefully I will meet some people willing to put in the time and effort in order to help me to get it done – it’s a lot of work for one person!

If you’d like to know more or to help out, visit the website : http://www.letsplayermagazine.com


Thanks for reading and know that you guys and your feedback and support keep me going on these projects! I do all of this stuff in my spare time simply to see what I can get done, and it feels great to have appreciation for my efforts! ❤

Interesting Stuff About 1950s United States History

The Cold War. A time of uncertainty and, in some cases, borderline hysterical terror in the United States. I love fallout shelters, and find it fascinating that many private citizens have built them in their backyards. Even more interesting is the amount of resources the U.S. Government put into the creation and stocking of fallout shelters meant to protect a select group of citizens from nuclear fallout in the event of an atomic bomb attack by the Soviet Union. 
I happened to mention phenobarbital (a barbituate used in some cases to treat seizures in dogs) while talking with my dad one day and he asked me, “Do you have any idea why they would stock pile that in fallout shelters?” I wondered how he knew it was kept in the shelters and he said that my grandfather had once been in the basement of a government building in the 1970s when they had abandoned the shelters and had supplies from them littering a hallway. He saw a box labeled, “Medical Kit” and picked it up casually and walked out with it. Inside he found various first aid supplies, along with a large bottle containing 500 tablets of phenobarbital. There are of course various implications, mostly worrying, for why a first aid type kit would have an enormous supply of barbituates. I did a little reserach into it and found this website:


This is a fascinating look at the fallout shelter plan – including the estimated “2 week stay” that would be required inside the shelter (are we sure it would be safe to go outside only 2 weeks after a nuclear blast? :P) The amount of food provided was only sufficient for 2 weeks, however. Sure enough, under the meidcal kits supplies there were listed in kit A, 1 bottle of 500 pheno tablets and in kit C, 3 bottles with 1000 tablets each! Kit C was for about 300 people, kit A for 50-65 people.

As far I could deduce, the phenobarbital was kept in order to calm down the people who were experiencing hysteria, or “freaking out”. Or, possibly as a last-ditch suicide effort in the event that leaving the shelter was impossible and starvation imminent. 

It is both tragic and intensely interesting to study this period in history, and also to relate it to the modern civil defense (*ahem*, “Homeland Security”) tactics, like the TSA. If only Trey Parker and Matt Stone had been around in 1950…

Having fun with BloodBowl

As some of you may know, I have been involved in a BloodBowl tournament for about 5 weeks now. It’s been a lot of fun.

The teams were randomly assigned and I was assigned Ogres. Not knowing anything about the game, I decided to take them, even though I was warned it was “a challenging” team to play. I would later find out this was a bit of an underestimation – Ogres are probably the most difficult, or close to it, team to play. 

Yet I’ve been having a lot of fun with my misfit team, despite having no wins yet! (I did have one draw). I played several practice matches before the Random Cup tournament began, so including those and the Cup matches, I have 7 games of BloodBowl under my belt. All with Ogre team 😛

The funniest thing ogres can do is throw their stunty teammates, the snotlings. However, this never seems to work out well for me. The last few games I have tried to persuade an ogre to throw one of the little fellows farther down the pitch so I can get away from the terrifying opponents who are eyeing the snotlings as though they are cookies. Yet the ogre, from either a surplus of enthusiasm or a lack thereof, simply drops the snotling behind him. So, yea, big guy…you uh..threw him backwards. Wrong way, dude. 

Then there is the matter of bonehead….

“Duuhh..what was that you wanted me do? Me not remember. Me stand.”


“What is long haired dancing guy doing? Duuhh..me too confused. Me just stand here now. Uhh…elf guy ran past me.”

…..stupid. Ogre.


I can only imaging what the snotlings must think of the ogres. The snotlings are not especially intelligent themselves, but they are at least capable of following coach’s simple instructions. Ha, it’s also funny to think of the horrified looks on their faces when I ask an ogre to pick them up and toss them somewhere! Especially since it usually ends in the snotling getting badly hurt. 😛

If you haven’t caught any of my BloodBowl escapades yet, the matches air with live commentary by SpiffySquee (http://www.youtube.com/user/SpiffySquee) and Piph0 (http://www.youtube.com/user/Piph0 on Sundays and Mondays. The times vary but if I remember to, I send a Tweet when they are about to start. 😉 

You can also catch the recorded matches later on Piph0’s channel, and of course my matches on my channel, or on the channels of my opponents. But…watch them on my channel 😛

Yes, I uploaded my first episode of Ys I today. I will most likely be putting Avernum on hold (actually with all honesty I am most likely done with that one for now. Just isn’t drawing me in as a good LP). Ys will fall into the “once every so often” timeslot Avernum had, although I can’t give any promises as to its likelihood of being finished. I have decided I want to try let’s playing various games with no intention of ever finishing them. I just want to see what sort of following they will draw, really.

I’ve been craving more interaction on the channel. I get a fair amount of comments but no where near what some get (even some at the same sub/viewer level as I am). I do not know where this lack of interactivity comes from – I worry I’m boring and not churning up enough comment-worthy bits in my video commentary. That would ultimately cause me to dispair as a let’s player, since my primary goal is to be entertaining.

That being said, I did noticed that New Vegas was highly popular, and sparked a lot of good comments. I am happy about that. I will continue New Vegas since it’s an enjoyable game to play and so far has been, based on feedback, an enjoyable one to watch. I’ll continue Baldur’s Gate 2 because I would like to finish that game again as a personal goal – it was a childhood favorite and as I’ve become a crotchety adult I haven’t given it the attention it deserves. Alongside those two, and whichever “main” playlists I will start after them, there will be 1 or 2 games infrequently uploaded that will be experimental and exploratory, in order to expand the channel and see where I can take it. E is a useful vowel. There are a lot of effective and efficient words that begin with E.

Anyhow, I am also going to try and do more blog posts. I came in and changed the blog a bit today – added some links. Beware, the next few paragraphs border on some internet pan-handling (only a little)   ….  You can support me by buying games from GameFanShop – it’s like Steam, but their prices are usually comparable or cheaper. Bioshock Infinite is only $49.99 from them. Since I am a partner with the site I earn a small commission when you buy games through the link (it’s at the top of the blog). This way, you get a game you want at a good price, and help to support me as well (it’s win-win)! I also set up a link to the Starbucks Egift page – if you want to gift me $ for my Starbucks card, you need only use the email address I provide in the link. As a college student, part time CVT, and YouTuber, I drink a lot of coffee.

It’s entirely up to you if you want to contribute any of your money to me. I have had the GFS link on my channel for a while and not so sure that it has been seen, or that people know what it is. Just want to spread awareness that there is way to donate or support me if that is what you desire to do! I don’t particularly need the money, but it will help me with plans for my future, and again, it’s entirely up to you – please do not feel any obligation at all. I am happy to provide free entertainment for you with my let’s plays, and in return I appreciate comments and kind words and the friends I’ve made through YouTube.

Expect a video update on links/blog/such and such and other stuff soon…or poke me if I don’t do one within the week!

Very tentative update and plans for future

Hey everyone!

I know I don’t update this blog enough – it was never meant to be a frequently updated blog but I did want to average more a post every few months. Unfortunately, I often find myself doing other stuff even when I think “maybe I could write  a blog post”.

Recent events have also left me with limited free time, but hopefully with classes ending this week and finals wrapping up soon, I will have more time available after this weekend. I also expect less impact from work and classes on my life in the next ten weeks, since I’ve taken on less of a workload for myself. 

I figure I ought to dedicate some extra time to my channel since I really would like to see it progress to something a little more interactive and entertaining. 

There are several games I want to try out:

-Ys 1 Chronicles (probably Ys 2 as well)

-Dark Souls (as a NG+)

-Legend of Grimrock

-Some older, not yet specified SNES games

-Either Morrowind or Skyrim as a special story/roleplay that is not the main quest


I don’t want to elaborate too much on any of these since I have little idea when or if I will have time for all of them and they are all in development as far as ideas and planning go.

If there are any suggestions or requests let me hear them – I tend not to get a huge amount of feedback on my channel so if you are one of the few who cares to provide it there’s a good chance it’ll be taken into account in my decision making.

Hope everyone is having a great week and look forward to some more activity on my channel as Spring and Summer approach!

What would you like to see in a Let’s Player magazine?

As you can probably tell from the above title, this post is asking for feedback from you, the reader. Several people from an LP community I belong to, Four Forgotten Fangs ( http://www.fourforgottenfangs.com/ ), have been scoping out the beginnings of a Let’s Player magazine. 

Since I enjoy writing, I decided I would love to write articles for the magazine. It’s still in the works, and I can’t provide dates of publication or anything major yet, but I would like to get some input on the sort of articles you’d hope to see in a magazine about LPing. If you have only non-constructive criticism to offer, dish it out somewhere else. Any other suggestions or helpful criticism are welcome. 

The several ideas I had already were :

-Time management and how to create an LP schedule to fit your lifestyle

-Way of separating yourself from other let’s players


These are only general ideas and not article titles by any means. I’d like to hear your ideas. It doesn’t matter if you’re a let’s player yourself or simply a viewer, let me know what you think! 

Of course I’ll keep this blog updated with any further developments (it’s just a hatching stage project right now). Hope everyone’s having a great day!