I see that people are still viewing this blog…

…so probably I should write something in it. I don’t have a whole lot to say, other than my goal to upload one video per day to YouTube has been successful so far. I missed one day but I have uploaded two videos for a few of the days so I’ve definitely not shorted myself of the goal. I also haven’t ended up with as much of a backlog as I thought I would – despite having extra time this month I haven’t ended up with a lot of videos waiting to be uploaded, which is a bit surprising. Before I had decided to upload every day, I did end up with backlogs from time to time, which I simply didn’t bother to upload.
So I suppose my issue wasn’t that I was not recording enough to upload daily, but that I simply wasn’t doing the uploading. This is a good finding, because it means that even when I am working again, I should be able to record enough in order to upload almost daily. I feel that this is a good practice because it keeps me involved in my hobby, and allows people to keep up with a playlist more easily.
What are you thoughts on uploading daily? Would you like to see one video from each series per day (which would be more difficult, of course) or is one video, from any series I am currently working on, enough?


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