Which game to LP…?

Now that I have more time to record, I want to start some new playlists. I already have several going currently but they are all fairly stale, and I need to get something new going in order to keep my attention (and probably viewer’s attention as well). Here is a rundown of what will be happening with the current series:

As I mentioned in the latest episode of it, Fallout New Vegas is winding down – I plan to keep the playlist going but only upload it once a week or so (basically that’s what I have already been doing, so it shouldn’t cause too much of a stir). That way, fans of Launie’s Mojave desert adventures can continue to get their fix, but I do not need to worry about keeping the long-running series fresh for everyday uploading.

XCOM is the hardest game for me to record right now because my current save is becoming more and more of a disaster. I feel that, despite my determination to continue that save until game over, the best thing to do is to begin a new game and use my gained knowledge about the game to improve my play. People do want to see me improve, I am sure. I will keep the old save file, as long as it doesn’t get corrupted, and perhaps finish it in the future (in a stream maybe?).

I have finished recording the Gone Home playlist, except for a bonus video where I will return to find things I missed on the first play, assuming the game lets me return to roam the house some more.

I have started two other playlists but I have not uploaded them yet because I worry about the game play not being good, and in one the in-game music is very loud, which would not be a problem except it was meant to be an ASMR play-through. I also realized, after the first few recordings of these games, that I may not want to continue them into full playlists. The two games are Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, and The Banner Saga (which was ASMR style).

Here is my plan for those two: I will upload them as “testers” or teasers, and if I get a lot of response or excitement about continuing, and I feel like I desire to continue the games and record, then I will. But they will be uploaded with the expectation that they might never become finished playlists. It is a shame to simply scrap the work, however, so I may as well upload them.

I might do several more uploads of “tester” games until I find one people are excited about seeing me play. I have many games that I have not even touched yet, and some that I have hardly delved into. I am not sure which one will make a good LP that I will definitely want to continue, except for Skyrim. I know I want to do a Khajiit roleplay of Skyrim that is completely in character. I have the character, voice, and some back story in mind. I plan to take this character through the main quest in Skyrim, since despite putting 100+ hours into the game, I have yet to complete the main quest. And it is easier than coming up with my own story. ;P

I have been mentioning this Skyrim LP for over a year, and people probably suspect I will never do it. I am nervous to begin it. I want it to be perfect, and I have not yet done a completely in-character LP. Launie in New Vegas was supposed to be a practice for that, but it did not go so well. So I need to continue preparing myself for recording Skyrim and begin when I am ready. In the mean time, I can play any number of games, although I am leaning toward more casual games at the moment so that I can focus more on the quality of my commentary, which I have hoped to improve as I put more time into the hobby of Let’s Playing.

Here is a short list of some games I have that I could record:

-The Sims 3

-Fallout or Fallout 2

-Anno 2070

-Endless Legend


-Ys II & Ys Origin

-MMOs like TERA and Path of Exile which I can record casually/ASMR style


If you’d like, provide some feedback on which of those games you’d like to see the most. I have a lot more games but those are the ones I think would lend themselves to some casual recording.