The Joys of a Tedious Life

This will be a short one – I just want to point out how lucky I am to be able to complain.

What do I complain about? Having to fill out paperwork, do car maintenance, even having idle time is often cause for a complaint or at least irritated sigh on my part.

“Oh curse my life, I need to submit this health insurance waiver so I can go back to college next month.”

Most people do not have the luxury to complain about things like that so trust me, I do consider myself lucky. Though paperwork and things in life that “must be done” are not something I enjoy, I would miss them if I had to lead a life without them. A life filled with fear of where I’d sleep or eat next. 

Self-actualization might even be in my future, if I could stop being too lazy to run on a regular basis.

Hope you all are lucky enough to have tedious things to complain about as well!


2 thoughts on “The Joys of a Tedious Life

  1. Complaining is fun, it offers an opportunity to vent. I think not caring enough to complain would be much worse. That said, I am the worst when it comes to chores and things like that, I always postpone them to the last possible moment.

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