Lately, I have been learning just how important confidence is as a factor in advancement in life. It’s not just intelligence, looks, wealth, motivational drive or luck that propels one from mediocre to great in life – a lot of it has to do with self-confidence. Most people lack this tremendously. The automatic response in most people is to shy away from responsibility, danger, or stress. Those with self-confidence face these things head on, sometimes even with enthusiasm. They are anxious to show off what they are capable of. 

Does the confidence have to be linked with skill? Not necessarily. However, skill tends to advance more readily (in any area) when one is also confident. As the old saying goes, “whether you believe you can, or you believe you can’t, you’re right.” (OK I heard that on Family Guy, but I’m sure it has some connection to an office motivational poster.)

Perhaps I am just speaking out of my butt, but I want to believe that confidence is the key to getting anything done that you want to get done. People enjoy to hear a confident person speak. In times of uncertainty, they want a confident person to point them in the right direction. I am not sure I will ever be a leadership level of confident. I suffer from pretty severe anxiety which, although not debilitating, means I awkward my way through social interactions and dispel any illusion of self-confidence one might have of me. 

Social relationships in general are definitely not my thing. I feel I should adopt some other thing to perfect. Physical fitness is high on the list, since someone once told me that physical confidence and ability leads directly to a higher social confidence and ability. I’ve yet to test this theory – while I do not consider myself “out of shape”, I for certain have a long way to go to reach my potential strength and ability.

There are a myriad of things I am good at but nothing that I am an expert on. That being said, it cycles back to my previous post of being lost in life, stuck in a rut. I think what might boost me out of the rut is a little self-confidence, some idea that I am capable of whatever it is I decide I want to do. I’ve been trying to work on this all my life with slow growing success (you would not believe how utterly socially undeveloped I was as a child), so perhaps I will have a “break through” soon, or perhaps this slow progress will continue. Either would be fine – I simply want to move forward whether it be little by little or in a great leap.


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