Life Update

So what has been going on with me ? I haven’t done a blog post in 2 weeks! The handful of you who check the blog regularly and were promised weekly updates are possibly outraged. But I know you are more understanding than that. Please don’t throw tomatoes. I am putting up a tomato shield just in case.

…OK, you have either thrown something at your PC screen (haha) or had a chuckle, or simply written me off as a weirdo. Now I’ll tell you why I’ve not updated the blog. I do not have an excuse. Here is what I do during the summer:
I do not attend classes, because the government and university will not give me grant money during the summer. And I am not spending all of my hard earned cash on education. Most of the year I attend classes full time, taking about 16 credit hours per term. I also work part time about 15 hours per week. In the summer my employer was only able to increase my hours to 25 – 30 per week. I make a bit more money but half the week I have very little to do. Finding a second job is a possibility, but then I’d have to quit when classes started. So I don’t do that.
I like to travel with my savings during the summer. Last year I went to Europe, so this year I could only afford a plane ticket to Texas. I won’t be going until next month.
I’ve had a few other money-making endeavours, including partnering my YouTube channel, and pet sitting on occasion. Why am I telling you all this?

Well, here is the thing about me: I get kinda depressed when I do not have a whole lot of things to do. Projects, and work distract me from other things about life that I dislike. When I do not have enough work, what I should do is make gaming videos. But since I get depressed, I do not feel like doing that. I want to get out of the house, but I do not have a lot of places to go. So I buy things, and then get annoyed with myself when the house has a lot of clutter. Although it is nice clutter that I like.

Blog posts do not get created when you’ve spent the day wandering around, picking fruit and racing the dog, then sitting inside watching YouTube and Internet shopping. When I make a blog post I feel it has to be interesting. But perhaps not. Only a few people check this, so maybe it doesn’t matter to you what you read as long as it is a new thing to read.

Now I feel as though I am rambling, so this will be a short one. Maybe I can come up with an amusing anecdotal story for next time. Or…more likely forget.


3 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. Now I’m going to be worried whenever there are only a few uploads arriving per week…

    Nice to see that my subscription to this does work after all though.

    I hope the partnering up leaves you more capable to do what you like in an enjoyable fashion and doesn’t put pressure on you. It’s probably helping with the whole being kept busy thing. As far as the content of this blog is concerned I enjoy anything about the channel and possible new projects or uploads, anything about the process you have to record, but personal stories like this also help with understanding what’s going on over there and why certain videos might take a little longer to arrive. Basically, post whatever you feel like, I’m going to keep reading anyway.

  2. Nice to see you are still posting. So far whatever you’ve posted seems an interesting read. Whether its a story, update or just some random thing you want to say.
    I know how you feel, i get the same way when i have little to do. I’ve got 2 jobs, but that doesn’t always help. Hopefully it’ll be better when classes are back, then you’ll have plenty to do.
    Have fun in Texas.

  3. Allaunira, you rule! Keep kicking butts in New Vegas, I watched all the episodes! My favorite is the Gun Runners episode with That guy is a proper troll- he even sets up shop under that bridge, naturally.

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