Modding Skyrim for a Roleplay

For the past 2 days, I’ve spent a fair amount of time modding Skyrim for (far in the future) plans to do an LP of it in a Roleplay style. The modding is difficult.

Initially you can set up Skyrim how you want with 7 or 8 mods to make it more beautiful, more difficult, or more complex. It will work fine. You’ll play a few months. Then all the mods will be messed up by an update to Skyrim, or you will need to update Skyrim for mods to keep working, or SKSE (script extender required for most mods) will fall behind and not be available to run with the current Skyrim update. You can turn off automatic updates but then when you go to update mods or SKSE they won’t work with the version of Skyrim you have. After a few hours in which you come across 7 or 8 more mods that you want to use as well, all of your mods are updated to the current version. You go into Skyrim. It crashes. You change the load order around. You go into Skyrim. It runs. You are out of time to play since you spent so much time modding.

Right now I have well over 25 mods for Skyrim (I’m far too lazy to actually count how many I’m using). It doesn’t seem like a lot, but with that many there can be enough compatibility issues that you can’t really tell what is working and what isn’t. I’d enjoy getting Requiem to work, but unfortunately doesn’t seem compatible with many of the other mods I have. Skyrim Redone is fine but the “ReProccer” patch doesn’t work for me – no matter what I do it will not detect that I have SkyRe_Main.esp in my load order. So I can’t use my Immersive Armor and Weapons mods with it.

The madness and troubleshooting will continue until I narrow down which combination of mods play happy with each other and get the game set up the way I feel it’ll be best to play as a Roleplay. So, yea, a Skyrim LP of mine is coming. I do not know when, but I can tell you it’ll be after I have finished a few of my other LPs. IF I ever manage to get out of modding construction and play the actual game!


2 thoughts on “Modding Skyrim for a Roleplay

  1. Yeah, modding these Bethesda games has always been tricky. I haven’t played Skyrim at all and Oblivion only a little bit but I still remember placing mods in Morrowind and finding things like houses without walls or NPCs walking a hundred feet up in the air. And those were gentle errors. Much more often the game would either crash if I enter the modded cell or it wouldn’t start at all.

    Usually what I did when I wanted to play a game of Morrowind was choose a few mods I want to play with, reinstall Morrowind fresh and then add one mod after the other, giving it a quick test-run after each new added mod and then just play it with a working version.

    It was a boring and time-consuming method. But once everything was set up it tended to work magnificently. Until a new mod caught my eye and I wanted to add that one too…

    Oh yes, and really looking forward to seeing your Skyrim Let’s Play. You have mentioned it in your Fallout New Vegas one at times and it was my personal entry into watching Let’s Plays in general since I didn’t have the hardware back then to play the game but wanted to see how it looks. And when you play it that would probably be a more immersive, slow-paced thing than those speedy play-throughs that occasionally pop up.

    Good luck with fixing the errors, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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