Let’s Plays for Relaxation

Many of you have told me that you watch my videos while falling asleep, or just to relax at the end of the day or whenever you feel like relaxing. I’m the same way with my LP watching habits – I watch different people’s videos depending if I want something low key or more upbeat and entertaining. I know that I am not the Queen of Comedy and that, while there are funny moments in my videos, they are not going to keep you loling or rofling.

Recently I found out about something called ASMR. You can look this up on Google, Wikipedia, or if you for some reason want to use the Encyclopedia Brittanica your grandfather has in his garage, go ahead. Just make sure that when you pull it out from under the table leg that those priceless teacups don’t fall and break.

If you already know what it is then keep reading.


Only if you already know what it is.


Well,  you can keep reading anyway…but I won’t go into detail about what it is, I’m just gonna talk about it like you’ve looked it up or are familiar. When I first found this through sheer accident by simply spending so much time watching YouTube, I found strange videos where people talked in whispers, and did “role play” situations of going for haircut, manicure, etc. I thought it was super duper strange. They all had ASMR in the title so I looked it up. I thought, “Oh yea, I know what that is. But I don’t think I am a person who can get that true response from a video.” Anyway, being interested in strange things, I kept looking up ASMR videos. I found an extremely wide variety including one where people just made certain sounds (like tapping on an old hardbound book). This sort of thing was very calming for me to listen to, if nothing else.

There are other sorts of things people enjoy watching others do – paint, draw, prepare a meal, show off a collection, or even…play a game! Yes it became clear to me, why people might enjoy watching YouTube and certain videos in particular, like the Let’s Plays or videos in which people simply show how to do something or even just show what sort of things they have, like make up or books collections. Of course there are many reasons people enjoy these types of videos. And not all of the videos are in this calm “ASMR” manner or style, which of course is widely used and is probably not all “true ASMR”.

But for whatever reason you watch a video, it might be nice to have a let’s play video specifically designed to be calm, with quiet voice (not whisper because that is actually difficult to do for extended times and I find it a bit strange to do the whispering. I do not enjoy listening to a whispering voice.), and a casual game. One where the commentary did not necessarily have to be focused solely on the game, making the video something you did not have to watch to enjoy (I will often listen to videos on a phone or tablet at night, to fall asleep and I don’t watch the videos but only listen). But if you wanted to watch, would not be boring to look at either.


I am not sure how popular this series would be, but I aim to try one for a few reasons:

-I am interested in this sort of content, I watch some videos I consider to be in this style even if they are not labeled as “ASMR”. This is a way of giving back to that community.

-I do not always feel like recording a video with my full energy put in, with a fast paced game or a game where I have to pay close attention to my next step. But sometimes I do feel like recording something, just to talk about things that happen during day, thoughts, etc.

Here is an LPer I found who does this sort of content:



I do not know yet when I will upload an experimental slice of my own project of the ASMR style, to see how it is received.



2 thoughts on “Let’s Plays for Relaxation

  1. Wow, I came across ASMR in much the same way, a fellow with a soothing voice rubbing various objects together, like wooden blocks of various grains, and the top of a hair lotion. It was the first time I’d encountered the term ASMR, but later looked into more videos, including some of the role-play videos.

    I’d never really made the connection between ASMR and Let’s Playing, but now you mention it, I’m surprised I didn’t notice it before. I often just listen to videos in the background to help me focus on other work or just relax, PlumpHelmetPunk being one of the main channels I visit for that. His audio book series, and especially the Radical Dreamers LP are prime examples!

    I’d be really interested in any series you do specifically in an ASMR ‘style’, as I think your voice could suite that style. Looking forward to more on this 🙂

  2. I’m interested in seeing your take on this in a Let’s Play context. I do enjoy watching Let’s Plays at night in bed because I find them relaxing and I more often than not choose players who don’t get hyped and agitated but instead stay calm. Even when you’re in a frustrating situation in a game you tend to remain calm, it’s just that suddenly every other word is an expletive. A good example for that would be the irradiated vault in your Fallout: New Vegas Let’s Play. That has its own charm and I find it highly amusing (it’s extremely frustrating to you I guess, so sorry about that). I also prefer smooth and pleasant voices over screeching or slurring voices, and yours is great and very relaxing in its own right.

    That said I don’t like to watch these videos in the background. I want to see what’s going on and when I watch I try to watch for at least 2 hours. That’s why I like your longer videos and I feel very entertained by them too. I guess for me the content should be interesting enough to also keep people watching who aren’t zoning in and out continuously. If you’d talk about stuff you also write about in your blog or talk about in your vlogs that would be perfectly fine.

    I’ll definitely watch these videos and see what you have in mind. If it turns out not to be for me I’ll be happy just watching the myriads of other excellent videos in your back catalogue.

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