Feeling down

Today I’m uploading a channel update to talk about stress, unhappiness, and other things. Yes I have been feeling a bit unhappy lately, and haven’t been recording as much. I have also been busy with classes (which are almost over) and socializing (which helps me not feel so down). In short, uploads might slow down for a few weeks but then hopefully will resume, and in greater numbers. πŸ˜‰

I also talk about some new equipment I’m planning on buying for my PC. I don’t “need” it, but it will help me Let’s Play with more bang and force. πŸ˜› Yay.

For you hardcore fans of mine, here is the actual stuff I am looking at. I am taking a stab at installing this stuff myself (so if I suddenly can’t game anymore you’ll know why:P)


This is to replace the 350W power supply that was in my ASUS PC when I bought it.




Have to make sure this one will fit – but also wondered about the core clock speed, which is 860MHz on this card. (Effective memory clock is 1200MHz…I don’t actually know the difference?) If anyone would like to let me know the disadvantages to a slower core clock – just not running as smooth? I know an advantage that I would like is a quieter computer.


Alright, so I’d love advice on these items or suggestions of different ones. Thanks!