Yes, I uploaded my first episode of Ys I today. I will most likely be putting Avernum on hold (actually with all honesty I am most likely done with that one for now. Just isn’t drawing me in as a good LP). Ys will fall into the “once every so often” timeslot Avernum had, although I can’t give any promises as to its likelihood of being finished. I have decided I want to try let’s playing various games with no intention of ever finishing them. I just want to see what sort of following they will draw, really.

I’ve been craving more interaction on the channel. I get a fair amount of comments but no where near what some get (even some at the same sub/viewer level as I am). I do not know where this lack of interactivity comes from – I worry I’m boring and not churning up enough comment-worthy bits in my video commentary. That would ultimately cause me to dispair as a let’s player, since my primary goal is to be entertaining.

That being said, I did noticed that New Vegas was highly popular, and sparked a lot of good comments. I am happy about that. I will continue New Vegas since it’s an enjoyable game to play and so far has been, based on feedback, an enjoyable one to watch. I’ll continue Baldur’s Gate 2 because I would like to finish that game again as a personal goal – it was a childhood favorite and as I’ve become a crotchety adult I haven’t given it the attention it deserves. Alongside those two, and whichever “main” playlists I will start after them, there will be 1 or 2 games infrequently uploaded that will be experimental and exploratory, in order to expand the channel and see where I can take it. E is a useful vowel. There are a lot of effective and efficient words that begin with E.

Anyhow, I am also going to try and do more blog posts. I came in and changed the blog a bit today – added some links. Beware, the next few paragraphs border on some internet pan-handling (only a little)   ….  You can support me by buying games from GameFanShop – it’s like Steam, but their prices are usually comparable or cheaper. Bioshock Infinite is only $49.99 from them. Since I am a partner with the site I earn a small commission when you buy games through the link (it’s at the top of the blog). This way, you get a game you want at a good price, and help to support me as well (it’s win-win)! I also set up a link to the Starbucks Egift page – if you want to gift me $ for my Starbucks card, you need only use the email address I provide in the link. As a college student, part time CVT, and YouTuber, I drink a lot of coffee.

It’s entirely up to you if you want to contribute any of your money to me. I have had the GFS link on my channel for a while and not so sure that it has been seen, or that people know what it is. Just want to spread awareness that there is way to donate or support me if that is what you desire to do! I don’t particularly need the money, but it will help me with plans for my future, and again, it’s entirely up to you – please do not feel any obligation at all. I am happy to provide free entertainment for you with my let’s plays, and in return I appreciate comments and kind words and the friends I’ve made through YouTube.

Expect a video update on links/blog/such and such and other stuff soon…or poke me if I don’t do one within the week!


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  1. “I worry I’m boring and not churning up enough comment-worthy bits in my video commentary”

    Too relaxing maybe. I tend to use Let’s Plays partly as TV and partly as radio while i’m browsing so i mostly go for relaxing voices. A lot of the time on the interwebs being argumentative and confrontational generates more response. Personally i wouldn’t like that much but it’s an option.

    Following links from your page i came upon some role-played let’s plays where the person had installed alternate start mods on open-world games like Morrowind / Oblivion / Skyrim ignored the main quest and did what the character they made up would do – basically making an interactive story up as they went.

    (Plus possibly a few other mods that were specifically chosen for that character’s story maybe?)

    IIRC it was Jingles, Veriax and Squee something. I think that kind of LP might suit you.

    (Your Fallout is a bit like that although limited by the main quest.)

    There’s only a few games with enough non-linear content to do that though.

    (I’d really like a non-linear version of a Baldur’s Gate type game someday.)

  2. Also, if you went down the role-played LP route maybe have a personal goal for the character e.g. one of my old games i modded it so i started as an escaped Argonian slave in the swamp with nothing but a pair of pants and my goal was to become a master alchemist and buy a house in Leyawin. I didn’t at the time but if i did it again i’d look for alchemy mods and money mods etc to make it more of a challenge.

    Just an idea.

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