Very tentative update and plans for future

Hey everyone!

I know I don’t update this blog enough – it was never meant to be a frequently updated blog but I did want to average more a post every few months. Unfortunately, I often find myself doing other stuff even when I think “maybe I could write  a blog post”.

Recent events have also left me with limited free time, but hopefully with classes ending this week and finals wrapping up soon, I will have more time available after this weekend. I also expect less impact from work and classes on my life in the next ten weeks, since I’ve taken on less of a workload for myself. 

I figure I ought to dedicate some extra time to my channel since I really would like to see it progress to something a little more interactive and entertaining. 

There are several games I want to try out:

-Ys 1 Chronicles (probably Ys 2 as well)

-Dark Souls (as a NG+)

-Legend of Grimrock

-Some older, not yet specified SNES games

-Either Morrowind or Skyrim as a special story/roleplay that is not the main quest


I don’t want to elaborate too much on any of these since I have little idea when or if I will have time for all of them and they are all in development as far as ideas and planning go.

If there are any suggestions or requests let me hear them – I tend not to get a huge amount of feedback on my channel so if you are one of the few who cares to provide it there’s a good chance it’ll be taken into account in my decision making.

Hope everyone is having a great week and look forward to some more activity on my channel as Spring and Summer approach!


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