What’s your opinion on YouTube ads?

I’d like to get some opinions on YouTube ads and how people choose to view them, or not view them. This in no way means my own videos will ever have ads – at least not those on the Let’s Play channel. Yes, that’s currently my only channel. I simply want some feedback from viewers. With AdBlock I find it surprising that anyone watches ads but perhaps some people have their own reasons. So let me know by voting in the poll below! With the results I’ll make another post about the findings next month. Thanks!






3 thoughts on “What’s your opinion on YouTube ads?

  1. I use AdBlock, so rarely see ads. It bothers me that I do, a bit. I know I’m sponging.

    However, I have some sort of attention issue. If there is anything on the page that’s contrasting colours or has movement, I cannot read the body at all. My attention is completely taken over. I can’t even have something like an oscillating fan on my desk because the movement throws me off.

    The original Google ads were perfect for me. They were relevant, static, and had similar colours (usually) to the site. I clicked through them a lot. And then the marketing morons got to them…

  2. Ads are what make Youtube possible. That’s how they earn money. No ads, no Youtube – or Google. I don’t like ads in general, but Youtube provides a great free service, and ads is a small price to pay for that.

    • I will have to disagree with you, in a way. Companies that advertise on YouTube have contracts with Google so Google is paid no matter what, even if everyone uses AdBlock or never bothers clicking on an ad or skips all the ads. Obviously not all people do that, so that’s why advertising works, and the reason companies still pay Google to have their ads on YT even though there’s a risk they will be ignored or unseen. Google is definitely capable of sustaining itself without the advertising; there are so many people invested in the company. YouTube has ads because people who put content on the site want to make money from their content.

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