What’s your opinion on YouTube ads?

I’d like to get some opinions on YouTube ads and how people choose to view them, or not view them. This in no way means my own videos will ever have ads – at least not those on the Let’s Play channel. Yes, that’s currently my only channel. I simply want some feedback from viewers. With AdBlock I find it surprising that anyone watches ads but perhaps some people have their own reasons. So let me know by voting in the poll below! With the results I’ll make another post about the findings next month. Thanks!






About my new Playlist Organization Method

Hi all, 

this post will be about videos on my YouTube channel. Specifically – I’ve organized my video playlists into two categories: Currently Being Uploaded To, and Completed or On Hiatus. 

Playlists that are complete are simply listed, whereas playlists on hiatus (undetermined amount of time) are marked with an asterisk (*). 

What does it mean when a list is on hiatus?

It means I am taking a break from it or have encountered something in the game that prevents me finishing. So far all 3 hiatus lists are just games I’m taking a break from. You might see infrequent uploads to some of the lists, or they may move into the other list which is for playlists I add to regularly (at least once per month).


The videos in the first list, are not necessarily added to daily. Avernum gets monthly uploads or maybe several times per month if I wanted to play a lot of it, but it might take on a more regular rhythm at any time. 

I hate to be a pusher, but really the best way to ensure you don’t miss a video on a playlist you like is to subscribe to me. If you subscribe, then hopefully, as long as YouTube doesn’t have its head up its butt, you’ll get notified of any new uploads I do. 🙂

Haha, but you probably knew that. This post isn’t just about subbing, cause I could care less if you sub or not 😛 But, I just wanted to let people know how the uploading works and how video lists are organized. 

Oh and if a list is not listed (haha) then it’s just extra stuff – like my first BG2, channel updates, etc, that you’d find on your own or already get in your sub box. 🙂

Hope everyone has a great week!

Technology Reviews

Here’s a post that’s not about gaming, well, probably indirectly so, but mainly not. This post is going to be about tech reviews. It’s one of the other things I frequently search on Youtube, aside from of course let’s plays, amature music videos, craft project how to’s and, let’s face it, animals doing cute stuff.

I have a pretty geeky attachment to tech gadgets. If I had money I’d own a lot more than I do. But how do you know what’s actually going to be a good buy for a new device and what’s going to end up being a several hundered dollar disappointment? I used to fall prey to shiny advertising telling me that “THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER YOU HAVE TO OWN IT JUST WAIT PEOPLE WILL CLAMOUR FOR IT AND BE JEALOUS YOU HAVE IT THEY DONT OMG”. So I’d buy new phones when they launched (though I never went for an iphone because the carrier I was with never had them until I decided I couldn’t afford any phone except a prepaid phone). About 3 and a half years ago I bought a Palm Pre thinking it would be really cool. It should be noted that when I was a teenager I had a Palm Pilot that I used as a daily planner. Yes, I was that geeky. So this new Palm product seemed cool to me, and I did need a new phone. So I bought it on release, paid too much even with an upgrade offer from the carrier, and then found out that the phone was not all the ads had promised. The OS was buggy, the phone itself not built well, and certainly not worth what I had paid. Of course you can return products (I didn’t end up returning mine because I am stubborn and thought “it’ll get better with an update”, “it’s the best phone they have anyway”, etc), but why go through the hassle of buying and returning in the first place? It probably just pisses off your credit score or triggers some alarm about you in Consumer Data Collection Land.

So I decided never again would I buy a product right off the shelf, full price, before I’d scoped out some info on it, not from ads, but from other people who buy, use, and love tech. YouTube is actually a really good place to find that. Of course, as with all consumer endeavours, there is a strong “buyer beware” attached here too. Some people on YouTube, especially the ones with fancy equipment and professional videos (i.e. TechnoBuffalo) receive items to review and so they’re trying to give honest objective reviews but might fail to mention a few downsides since they didn’t just drop $300 for the device. It’s just a fact, but if you’re aware of that, you can adjust accordingly. Often my strategy is to wait to buy a new gadget. I’m very patient, so I usually wait for at least one price drop, depending on what the item is. Also, I’ve learned first models are not always excellent and if I wait I might get a better device, even if I pay a little more, which in that case may be worth it.

But while I’m waiting, I check YouTube for new reviews from people who have purchased the item with hard earned dough and want to share with others the pros and cons and what the new fangled dealy is all about. I look for reviews that are done by people who have liked things that I like, or disliked things I haven’t. I look for reviews in which the person sounds like they know what they are talking about. And usually I’ll go for an adult’s review, someone around my age group.

Unboxing videos are great to get a look at a device and see how the company packages it. You will also learn exactly how the device is built, what the hardware is like, without even having to go to the store and touch it. I mean, going and touching would be the next step, but often you might find an unboxing you didn’t like the device and not even bother with the store trip for something you know you’d never buy.

To sum it up – reviews from the consumer market online are far more accurate and and honest than advertisments, hype in magazines (though if you’ve a favorite mag or journalist who’s opinion you trust that can be part of your consumer info source), or even the written reviews on websites. Written reviews can be faked. With a video at least you get to hear and maybe even see the person and get an idea of what they are like – probably even tell if they’re being honest and informative or just hyping the item.

So there it is, my two cents on being a well informed consumer. Next time you are considering purchasing a phone, tablet, PC, camera, etc – go ahead and pop that make and model in the YouTube search box and check out a few videos. You might save yourself some disappointment, or assure yourself you’ll be getting a good buy.