My YouTube Channel, in case you ended up here by mistake

My YouTube Channel, in case you ended up here by mistake

Check this out, or return to there, if all you really care about is watching Let’s Plays! 😀


Why I felt the need to create a blog, and what it means for you, the reader…


If you are reading this, you probably subscribe to me on my YouTube channel as well, and may even be a fan of my “Let’s Play” videos of various PC games on aforementioned channel. You may also be wondering why the heck I thought I’d need a blog to clutter the Internet with in addition to my videos. In answer, I say, why the heck not?
Perhaps this blog will keep you up to date with important happenings in…..forget it, this blog is just for fun, and a way for me to espouse another hobby of mine – writing.

I’m so far entirely unsure as to what sort of various content you’ll be surprised with if you follow the posts to this blog. To make some educated guesses – my thoughts on video games, both old and new; thoughts on video game related matters; general thoughts on the state of humanity in modern [first world] society (I will try my best to keep these to a minimum), random musings if I get the urge to type something out and decide it’s appropriate for public perusal.

So there we go – you’ve been introduced to my blog, my reasons for its creation, and the possibilities of its contents. My goal for this first post has been achieved. Look forward (or not) to future posts.